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Datawizardadmin has a number of pricing options to suit all business requirements. Whether you need one-off assistance on ongoing support.

One-Off Assistance

This is the perfect option if you have a one-off job that needs to be completed by an expert but don't have the time or resources to do it yourself.

  • £25 per hour for a minimum of one hour

Please note that any additional time will be charged in increments of 15 minutes.

Bulk Admin Hours

This is the perfect solution if you have those regular admin tasks that need ongoing support.

  • 5 hours @ £24.00 per hour (£120 total)
  • 10 hours @ £23.00 per hour (£230 total)
  • 15 hours @ £22.00 per hour (£330 total)

Invoices are issued on the 1st of each month and payments are to be in advance of any work undertaken. Unlike other Virtual Assistants, hours can be carried over allowing you to deal with the ever changing tides of your business.

Any time used over your package will be charged in increments of 15 minutes, or alternatively, you can purchase an additional package for those extra busy times.

Are You A Registered Charity?
Datawizardadmin understands how difficult it can be for charities to find the finances to delegate the onerous paperwork tasks to be able to concentrate on fund raising. To help, I offer a discounted rate to registered charities. Contact us for more information.

Additional Charges
Any additional expenses incurred to complete the work will be charged and invoiced separately. These may include, but are not limited to, travel expenses, copying and postage.

Tracking Time
Time is tracked in 15 minute increments using time tracking software.

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