embed an excel spreadsheet in word

How To Embed An Excel Spreadsheet In Word

Are you struggling to embed an Excel Spreadsheet in Word?

In this article, I show you the simplest way to do this, whilst allowing the opportunity to make amendments to the spreadsheet once it has been added.

Why Embed An Excel Spreadsheet into Word?

Adding an Excel spreadsheet into Microsoft Word may sound like a simple copy and paste option. However, every time the spreadsheet is updated, you find your Word document is out of date, causing duplication of work. By embedding the spreadsheet, any alterations made to the original will automatically be updated in the Word document, saving you precious time and peace of mind in the knowledge that you are still providing the lasted figures or statistics.

How Do You Embed An Excel Spreadsheet In Word?

Embedding the Excel spreadsheet is not as difficult as it may seem. Follow these simple steps to create a professional document that includes, graphs, statistics and other valuable data.

Select where you wish to add the Excel spreadsheet by placing the cursor in the relevant position of the Word document.


embed an excel spreadsheet in word

Click on the Insert tab (2) and select the Object icon (3) as shown in the diagram below.

The Object dialog box will appear (4).

embed an excel spreadsheet in word

To add an existing excel spreadsheet, select the Create from File tab (5) and select the Browse button

Find the location where you have stored the saved Excel worksheet you wish to embed (6), click on it to highlight it (7) and then click on Insert (8).

embed an excel spreadsheet in word

You will now see the full location displayed in the File name box.

embed an excel spreadsheet in word


Next you need to decide how you want the Excel spreadsheet to appear. This is chosen by the check boxes Link to file and Display as icon.

For simple spreadsheets with minimal data Link to file can be used as this inserts the actual content into the Word document (as below) which can then be resized to fit neatly into the document. When the original spreadsheet is updated, the content of this will also be updated the next time the Word document is opened.

embed an excel spreadsheet in word

The second option is to simply display an Excel icon with the name of the document that when click will take the reader to the original document. This is used when there is limited space in the Word document or if there is a substantial amount of data to display and will show as below.

embed an excel spreadsheet in word


Once you have selected the most appropriate option by ticking the relevant box, click OK. Then simply save the Word document and your Excel spreadsheet has been successfully embedded.

As you can see, the steps are very simple really. Do you know any other great tips that uses multiple Microsoft Office platforms together? We would love to hear them in the comments below.

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