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Dictation & Audio Typing

Transcribing audio files into written business documents can be a time-consuming process. Listening to an audio file and transcribing the contents requires a very specific collection of skills and a high level of attention to detail. You need a written document that is accurate and contains everything that is recorded in your audio file. If you need a high quality transcript of an audio recording you can trust Datawizardadmin to deliver.

Whether you have an audio recording (such as an MP3 file), video file, webinar or podcast that needs transcribing we can create a suitable transcript for you and provide the written document as a Word document or PDF. Lyn can help you to regain time by taking care of all your business transcribing requirements so you can concentrate on running your company.

Datawizardadmin also offers dictation from paper documents for businesses that are looking to do this.


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